Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Zumba

zumba photo-in action.jpg

I know you probably don't need a reason to come to my Zumba class but incase you do here are ten that might make you change your plans and come to Zumba anyway:

1. Lose 500-800 calories in an hour (and thats me being conservative with the numbers) I know this to be true as I've had people use apps on their phone and heart rate monitors.

2. Fit FUN into a busy schedule. It is fun it really is. If you go wrong you laugh, if you get it right you still laugh.

3. Reduce stress and clear your mind.

4. Burn fat, maintain a healthy weight.

5. Build endurance and co-ordination.

6. Increase circulation and flexibility.

7. Strengthen your heart and lungs.

8. Tone Muscles.

9. Learn some new moves that can be done in the club!! (ha or in your car/home/place of work)

10. Let Go and explore your creative side. (yes I am talking about that shimmy, you know you want to!)


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